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Y3K Champions Web3 and Blockchain Education to Empower the Future

Crypto Sapiens - S8E11 - with Shana Douglass, co-founder of Y3K

“Whereas most technologies tend to automate workers on the periphery doing menial tasks, blockchains automate away the center. Instead of putting the taxi driver out of a job, blockchain puts Uber out of a job and lets the taxi drivers work with the customer directly.” - Vitalik Buterin

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In the Crypto Sapiens podcast, Shana stresses the significance of Web3 and blockchain education. Co-founder Shana Douglass shares her journey, focusing on demystifying blockchain for college students and marginalized communities. Shana advocates for positive change, financial integration, and regulatory challenges. The discussion highlights personal experiences in the crypto community and emphasizes collaboration and a long-term vision for projects like NFT CLT. Overall, Shana aims to empower the future of Web3.

Rachel Rose hosts Shana Douglass on Web3 and Blockchain Education


In a recent episode of the Crypto Sapiens podcast, the spotlight was on Web3 and blockchain education with a special guest, Shana Douglass, also known as Diamond Doll and co-founder of Y3K. The engaging conversation delved into Shana Douglass's journey from a mechanical engineer to a blockchain enthusiast, the inception of NFT CLT, and the core principles guiding Shana. This enlightening conversation addressed the difficulties of a global, borderless environment, dispelled myths surrounding blockchain, and underlined the vital need for education in universities and marginalized communities.

Bridging the Gap: From Mechanical Engineering to Blockchain Enthusiast

Shana Douglass's journey from a mechanical engineer to a passionate advocate for blockchain technology sets the stage for the discussion. The founding of NFT CLT in Charlotte, North Carolina, aimed at making blockchain more accessible, ultimately led to the establishment of Shana. Community building and education emerged as the driving forces behind empowering individuals with the potential of Web3.

Education Outreach: Shana's Approach to College Students

Shana's commitment to educating college students about Web3 took center stage in the podcast. Shana Douglass emphasized demystifying blockchain rumors, engaging community partners, and providing opportunities for marginalized groups. They have brought in community partners to colleges and universities to demystify rumors and introduce students to the builders with good intentions. Shana's emphasis on community-driven and human-centric approaches, as well as bringing opportunities to marginalized groups, has positively influenced the speaker's perspective. The speaker also notes the positive network effect of attending Shana events and the importance of empowering students in the self-sovereign gig economy. The workshops at USC and UCLA focused on the differences between traditional W2 work and independent work. The inspiration for these projects came from encountering the intellectually inclined group of people in the Web 3 space and recognizing the need for structured education

Challenges and Innovations in Community Education

With a wide range of attendees at their events, they found it essential to tailor their teaching methods to specific demographics like artists, businesses, and marginalized communities. The distinct use cases of blockchain in various communities necessitated targeted events. Shana also touches upon the importance of giving marginalized communities a clear understanding of the potential advantages of owning their data and creating their currency, emphasizing the need for education and empowerment. However, with the negative publicity surrounding crypto, Shana feels it's important to counteract the false narratives and highlight the genuine individuals in the space who are focusing on creating regenerative, inclusive, and equitable financial solutions

Integration of Web3 Education with Financial Infrastructure

As the conversation progresses, Shana discusses the urgency of integrating Web3 and blockchain education with financial infrastructure to create positive change. Meanwhile, large institutions are adopting digital currency despite public fear and skepticism. Shiana expresses concern over the power dynamic, as these institutions have the resources to push back against blockchain infrastructure but continue to control financial systems. The need for financial and tech literacy becomes increasingly important to prevent detrimental regulations that could limit individual sovereignty. The conversation touches on the complexity of the digital asset landscape and the need for compliant practices in the industry to build credibility and make regulation more favorable.

Tune in to our latest episode, where we learn about Web3 and blockchain education with Shana Douglass (Diamond) of Y3k.

Crypto Sapiens - S8Ep11 - Web3 & Blockchain Education with Y3K

Regulation in the Global Blockchain Landscape

Shana discusses the challenges and innovations surrounding regulation in the borderless and global nature of blockchain technology. Comparing it to vaping and drawing from his experience with regulatory compliance, Shana emphasizes the importance of creative solutions in the face of increasing regulations. One such partnership NFT CLT has is with Kataba Digital Economic Zone, an indigenous sovereign economic region that provides clear legal definitions, infrastructure, and support for entrepreneurship and blockchain-based business formation. Rachel highlights the significance of Simplified Organizational Plans (SOPs) and their partnership with Opolis for individuals to easily set up LLCs and elect e-Corp status to make crypto earnings more accessible for necessary services, including healthcare and housing, while adhering to regulatory requirements

Personal Experiences in the Crypto Community

Following the conversation, Rachel shares her personal experience with the crypto and blockchain communities. She highlights how the community has given them a sense of ownership and connection during the COVID-19 era, while also sharing a deep appreciation for in-person events and the importance of genuine human connection in the space. She mentions the partnership with Crypto Sapiens and the impact it has had on her education journey. Shiana also reflects on the recent trend of projects being weeded out and the importance of intentionality and long-term building in the community. She expressed hope to see more collaboration and support among projects and builders in the space

Collaboration and Support within the Web3 Ecosystem

Guest speaker Shana stresses the importance of bringing together various projects and organizations within the Web3 ecosystem to support each other, particularly in the educational sector. She argues for funding opportunities for students instead of administrative profits and emphasizes the need for real-world use cases to showcase the advantages of Web3 over Web2. Rachel praises Shana Douglass's visionary ability to see the bigger picture in partnerships and long-term success.

Long-Term Vision for Shana Projects

In the final segment, Shana outlined their long-term vision for NFT CLT and Shana, including expansion to the east coast of the US and connecting with students to provide resources and support from the Web3 community. Shana encouraged marginalized and underserved communities to get involved in the industry and operate from a place of abundance.

“I just never want to be in a situation where we are chained by the blockchain versus liberated.” - Shana Douglass (@diamondoll_nft)

Shana expresses her passion for blockchain technology as a tool for liberation and shares her personal experiences with wellness and art. They encourage marginalized and underserved communities and women to get involved in the industry despite any fears and operate from a place of abundance to unlock opportunities. Shana recommends following NFT CLT on Instagram and Twitter for more information.

Crypto Sapiens - S8Ep11 - Web3 & Blockchain Education with Y3K

Stay Connected: Final Thoughts and Resources

The Crypto Sapiens podcast episode featuring Shana sheds light on the transformative potential of Web3 and blockchain education. From debunking myths to advocating for positive change, Shana's initiatives inspire collaboration, support, and empowerment within the crypto community. 

As the episode concludes, the host, Rachel, thanks her guest, Shana Douglass, for appearing on the show and expressing their support for each other's work. They also mention several projects, including Bankless and Opolis, that have contributed to creating the Crypto Sapiens Season 8 series. 

The hosts encourage those interested in getting involved in Web3 to check out, where they can join Discord channels, learn about various projects, and make new friends. They also promote Opolis, a digital employment cooperative, as a resource for those working in the Web 3 space and seeking employer services, such as W2s and healthcare coverage. The journey towards a more inclusive and knowledgeable Web3 ecosystem is well underway, thanks to the tireless efforts of visionaries like Shana.


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