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Web3 Founders: The Origins 


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Since the early days of Bitcoin and Ethereum, Web3 has advanced significantly. Numerous decentralized applications, including gaming, social networking, and financial, are currently available and being developed on blockchain technology. 

Today, Web3 is a reality, and it promises to be a more secure, transparent, and efficient Internet infrastructure in the future.

Welcome to Crypto Sapiens, the leading web3 onboarding podcast, where we explore the exciting world of blockchain technology and the people behind it. Today, we are taking a deep dive into the early years of some of the most influential founders in the Web3 space.


For many of the early Web3 founders, reading the Bitcoin whitepaper was a transformative experience that inspired them to build a decentralized internet. The idea of a world without intermediaries, where individuals could have more control over their data and assets, was a powerful one that resonated deeply with many people.

The release of the Bitcoin whitepaper was a watershed moment in the history of cryptography and blockchain technology. The whitepaper outlined a system that would allow individuals to make peer-to-peer transactions without the need for intermediaries like banks.

In the years that followed, many entrepreneurs and developers became inspired by the potential of this revolutionary technology. Some of these early enthusiasts went on to found companies and projects that have since become household names in the blockchain space.

One such person is Alex Salnikov, co-founder of Rarible, who discovered crypto early through the need for peer-to-peer and seamless cross-border transactions. Alex first heard about crypto in 2012 and was intrigued by its potential as a decentralized form of money. “So this is what I was waiting for. I waited for the internet's native money that didn't restrict me on who I should be. That didn't ask me to do a legal proof that feels like cash, and the everyday Bitcoin whitepaper was okay. That's digital cash that crosses borders and doesn't depend on any institution; wow, that is great.”

Another early Bitcoin adopter is Vikram Aditya, co-founder and CEO of DAOLens, who shares a bit about his early days in the web3 space. “When I first discovered Bitcoin, one mistake followed another. I think for the first five years all I did was make mistakes. And when I say making mistakes, that was investing in the wrong things. Probably picking up on some really, really, really interesting stuff and not realizing how it would unfold.”

Dan Romero, the co-founder of Farcaster, first heard about Bitcoin in 2013 and began reading the whitepaper. He was immediately struck by the potential of the technology. “And the first year I was working at a SaaS company, I read the Bitcoin white paper and ultimately got really excited about Bitcoin and the potential for cryptocurrencies as a new computing platform.”

frogmonkee, a freelance technical writer, got started in the crypto space in 2016.

“I started reading up on Bitcoin, but I didn't know that Ethereum was a thing. And I got to the point where I was just having so much fun thinking about what peer-to-peer money technology could look like that I used to have just diagrams and paper just like pinned up on my wall and I would just like think about this stuff nonstop.”

These are just a few examples of the many entrepreneurs and developers inspired by Bitcoin who went on to create some of the most innovative projects in the blockchain space. Their early years of reading the Bitcoin whitepaper and being excited by its potential helped lay the foundation for the web3 ecosystem we know today. It inspired a generation of entrepreneurs and developers to build projects that have transformed how we think about money and the internet. The stories of founders like Vikram Aditya, Alex Salnikov, Dan Romero, and frogmonkee, remind us of the power of innovation and the potential for transformative change in the Web3 space. Thank you for tuning in to Crypto Sapiens, the leading web3 onboarding podcast.

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