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Introducing BP (aka BrainPower)

Onchain points for onchain media games

BP are non-tradable, onchain points issued by CryptoSapiens to reward creators, curators and collectors.

First distribution

The first set of points were issued to loyal fans of CryptoSapiens on Friday, June 7, 2024. Over 50,000 points were allocated to 6,228 unique users. To qualify, fans had to be subscribed to the CryptoSapiens Hypersub and hold at least one podcast NFT before 12:00 AM UTC Friday, June 7th.

A retroactive airdrop of 10,000 $degen was then shared with the first BrainPower cohort. Eligible recipients are able to claim rewards using a claim frame on Farcaster. Claim window closes on 12:00 AM UTC on Friday, June 14th. Any unclaimed rewards will be returned to the rewards pool for future airdrops.

Rewarding real people

Our goal is to reward real people doing cool stuff onchain. Specially those who interact with our content and brand.

As a leader in the onchain media space we are consistently discovering new tools and platforms to add to our creator stack. We've proudly built on Optimism and Zora, used Pods and Paragraph for content distribution, POAP and iyk for irl activations, and Lens and Farcaster for engaging with our audience in a meaningful way. Recently, we added Base support, began using Drakula, Farhouse, Rounds, Stack, Boost and Layer3 to deliver high quality experiences.

Toward the future

We are eager to continue experimenting with points and rewards to enable fun and rewarding experiences for our fans and beyond. Keep an eye out for future developments that build on our vision. And let us know if you have questions or feedback on what we should add to our creator stack or what new rewards we should consider.

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