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Exploring New Social Paradigms in Crypto with FWB

Crypto Consumer Chronicles Ep7


In episode 7 of Crypto Consumer Chronicles, Humpty Calderon speaks with Steph Alinsug, CMO of Friends With Benefits (FWB). The conversation covers Steph's journey from Seed Club to Vessel and now as the CMO of Friends with Benefits (FWB). It delves into the evolution of Seed Club, the challenges of social media marketing, and the importance of personal branding in brand strategy. The discussion highlights the strategic approach to content creation and the impact of individual voices in brand communication. The conversation covers a wide range of topics related to social media strategy, newsletters, Web3 social platforms, and the upcoming Fest event. It delves into the challenges and opportunities of social media engagement, the significance of newsletters, and the impact of Web3 platforms like Farcaster and Lens. Additionally, it explores the marketing strategies for the On Chain Summer drop and the cultural shift in IRL experiences within the crypto space.

Key Takeaways

Evolution of Seed Club and Relationship with FWB:

  • Seed Club shifted from a Web 3 accelerator focused on DAOs to a consumer crypto accelerator.

  • Implemented a comprehensive marketing strategy, boosting podcast "Building at the Edges" by 30%.

  • We partnered with FWB to host a consumer crypto conference, FWB Fest.

  • Emphasized the need for founders to improve storytelling across Web 2 and Web 3 platforms.

Social Media Strategies and Engagement:

  • Highlighted the importance of consistency in social media marketing.

  • Recognized the role of charismatic founders in brand growth.

  • Emphasized authentic communication and human interaction over corporate tone.

  • Discussed engagement rates, noting higher engagement on Instagram than Twitter.

  • Stressed the importance of using both traditional (Twitter, Instagram) and Web 3 (Farcaster, Lens) platforms.

  • Addressed challenges for introverted founders, suggesting solutions like scheduling posts.

Cultural Shifts and Future Events in Crypto:

  • Emphasized the importance of human connection and cultural events like FarCon and FWB Fest.

  • Events like FWB Fest foster community engagement and meaningful interactions.

  • Expressed excitement for the upcoming Onchain Summer drop by FWB.

  • Discussed the evolution of NFTs and marketing monetization.

Insights on Managing Social Media:

  • Shared experiences of managing multiple social platforms and extensive marketing operations.

  • Highlighted engagement as a more valuable metric than follower count.

  • Stressed the strategic use of newsletters for community building.

  • Discussed the challenges of transitioning between personal and brand accounts.

  • Noted significant growth and engagement on FWB's Lens account.

In the latest episode of Crypto Consumer Chronicles, Building New Social Paradigms with FWB, host Humpty welcomes Steph Alinsug, the founder and CMO of Friends with Benefits (FWB). The discussion delves into Steph's journey through the crypto space, her strategic roles in various projects, and the evolving social paradigms within the crypto community.

Steph Alinsug's Journey in Crypto

Steph Alinsug began her foray into the crypto world in late 2021 by joining Twitter and becoming a member of Seed Club. Her career rapidly advanced when she joined the core team at Seed Club, leading its media strategy. In early 2022, she founded Vessel, a platform designed to launch Web 3 marketing strategies for small to medium-sized brands. 

Stephanie describes her transition from founding Vessel, a platform aimed at launching Web 3 marketing strategies for small to medium-sized brands, to joining FWB (Friends with Benefits) as the head of socials. Initially, she reached out to Greg, the CEO of FWB, for freelance work during a personal crisis.

However, the role evolved beyond social media management, and Greg announced his new position as FWB's CEO during their conversation. Stephanie was excited about the opportunity to work with Greg, having previously collaborated on events, and was impressed by his leadership skills. Since joining FWB six months ago, she has been happy with her new role and the progress of the company. 

Stephanie reflects on the evolution of on-chain media and advertising tools, which have become more powerful and user-friendly, allowing creators to better engage and reward their communities. Despite the transition from Vessel, Stephanie remains a Founder and believes the experiences and lessons she gained from her previous ventures will help her create better products and businesses in the future.

The Evolution of Seed Club and Its Relationship with FWB

Steph discusses the evolution of Seed Club and its relationship with Friends with Benefits (FWB). Seed Club started as a brand primarily expressed on Twitter with a large following but no clear marketing strategy. When she joined the team, they saw an opportunity to institute a meaningful marketing strategy, starting with the newsletter and podcast. 

The podcast, Building at the Edges, saw significant growth with a focus on conversations the host was interested in and inviting experts to discuss those topics. With Steph’s involvement, the team implemented a robust marketing approach, notably through their podcast "Building at the Edges," which saw a 30% increase in monthly listeners. 

Steph discusses the evolution of Seed Club from a Web 3 accelerator focused on decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) to a consumer crypto accelerator. They reflect on the shift in focus and the exciting opportunities it brought, including joining the accelerator program with Vessel and partnering with FWB to host a consumer crypto conference within their event, Fest.

She also touches upon the importance of having a strategic media approach and shares their struggles with maintaining a consistent media presence as a founder. They pose an intriguing question about the need for founders to improve their storytelling and sharing across Web 2 and Web 3 platforms.

Social Media Strategies and Engagement

Steph reflects on the importance of consistency in social media marketing and the role of charismatic founders in growing a brand. They share their experience of focusing on operational robustness for their brand, FWB, which involves managing multiple social platforms and executing numerous roadmaps. However, they acknowledge that not all businesses require such extensive marketing operations and that consistency is a crucial factor for growth.

Humpty also mentions the influence of charismatic founders, using Chipped and Winnie as examples, whose brilliance and personality can significantly contribute to their brand's success. Authentic communication and human interaction are vital, as highlighted by Humpty and Steph's examples of successful brand representations on social media.

Humpty praises the human touch in communication, as opposed to corporate or teaching tones. He also highlights the difference between individual expression and brand representation, with Cheryl from Seed Club being used as an example of a successful fusion between the two.

Steph also shares personal experiences of connecting with individuals behind brand accounts, such as the previous social media manager at Paper, and how it enhances the brand experience. She also points out the desire for human interaction on social media.

Engagement rates vary significantly across platforms. Steph notes higher engagement on Instagram compared to Twitter and acknowledges the importance of maintaining a presence on both traditional and Web 3 social media platforms like Farcaster and Lens. These platforms are essential for distribution, advertising, and engaging the crypto community.

The conversation covers the challenges of managing multiple social platforms and executing extensive marketing operations. Steph shares insights into the strategic approach to media, including the power of newsletters in building community engagement. FWB’s newsletter, TLDR, plays a crucial role in keeping the community informed and engaged.

Steph also addresses the challenges faced by introverted founders in maintaining a consistent social media presence. She suggests practical solutions like scheduling posts and keeping drafts ready to ensure continuous engagement.

Humpty discusses their experiences with social media engagement on various platforms, including Twitter and Farcaster. He expresses frustration with low engagement on their posts despite having a smaller following compared to others. Humpty then reflects on their past inconsistency and lack of clear messaging on Farcaster, which they believe contributed to their limited reach. 

Steph also shares their thoughts on using Web 3 social media platforms like Farcaster and Lens as both an individual and a brand. She acknowledges the importance of maintaining a presence on traditional social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram for distribution and advertising purposes.

She adds that the audience an individual or brand targets plays a significant role in determining which platforms to prioritize. Steph highlights the difference in engagement rates between their Twitter and Instagram accounts, with higher engagement on Instagram. She also mentions the challenges of managing engagement on Farcaster as a brand but believes it is essential for Founders, VCs, and those working in crypto or consumer crypto to be engaged on the platform.

Steph discusses the importance of building a brand presence on social media platforms, specifically mentioning the use of both personal and brand accounts. She expresses difficulty in seamlessly transitioning between the two and shares that FWB's follower account on Lens has seen significant growth and higher engagement. 

Steph also recommends Farcaster as a good option for Founders and those in the crypto or infrastructure space. She also touches on the topic of introverted founders following a question from the livestream chat and suggests scheduling posts and maintaining a draft as a way to ensure consistency.

Cultural Shifts and Future Events in Crypto

The episode highlights the importance of human connection and cultural events in the crypto space. Steph expresses excitement about upcoming events like FarCon and FWB Fest, which prioritize people over technology. These events foster community engagement and provide opportunities for meaningful interactions. Steph can be found on Crypto Honey and FWB's Twitter, encouraging marketers to reach out for discussions.

Steph shares her multitasking habits, revealing that she does her best thinking while cooking and tweeting. She also mentions her experience as a single mom and the constant need to juggle various tasks. The conversation then shifts to the upcoming drop for Onchain Summer by FWB, which Steph is excited about. She expresses her curiosity about the evolution of NFTs and monetizing marketing this year. She also announces her plans to attend FWB's Fest later this year, highlighting the importance of the event for the crypto community and the various activations and experiences attendees can look forward to.

Stay Connected and Final Thoughts

An insightful look at the changing social paradigms in the cryptocurrency field can be gained from The Crypto Consumer Chronicles: Building New Social Paradigms with FWB episode.

The experiences and journey of Steph Alinsug highlight the value of human connection, engagement, and authenticity in creating successful brands and communities in the ever-evolving cryptocurrency space. The future of the cryptocurrency field will be greatly influenced by occasions like FWB Fest and the tactical use of social media.

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