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Rundown [dsNFT]

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As the speed of information transfer increases, we have more and more cultural context available to us at each moment. With more context, we gain a more thorough perspective about where we stand in history. We may currently have more justification than ever before to make statements like "we're early" if we can find ways to cut through the noise. As we know, this uptick in the ability to digest information also means an increase in the demand to sort it into relevant buckets. Maybe at the center of this revolution, digital assets allow us to see ourselves with an unprecedented clarity. We find new ways of scratching the evolutionary itches we've had for millenia as an integral part of the natural order, despite often identifying as an exception to it.

The Don't Say NFT podcast series aims to explore blockchain-facilitated tools and experiences all the way from the technologically fundamental to the ideologically unclear. The show title makes light of the baggage the term NFT carries and points out that the term itself is a bit reductive. Calling digital assets NFTs is akin to calling your first car ever a vehicle. Or maybe calling your cat a mammal. It's correct, but also cold, misunderstood and frankly incomplete. The title is also an informal challenge to see if we can find better words to use when referring to digital assets, NFTs or whatever else it is we discuss.

Each episode is centered around a topic that's more-or-less necessary to discuss the next amongst a panel of blockchain participants of all shapes and sizes. We call on developers, traders, community managers, content producers and innocent family members to contribute as a group, allowing each topic to be explored from multiple angles, giving as robust an overview as the format can manage.

We explore what problems blockchain was meant to solve, how this defines & promotes ownership, how we view and display ourselves, how others see us and how we form groups naturally. There's discourse on the spread of cultural information, the manners of categorizing items & behaviors, the traceability of an asset's history and what this means not only for the art world but for the normal people not actively participating in the blockchain space.

From these 12 episodes we can safely say that enthusiasm from within the community is high and seemingly not delusional. We think critically, ask questions and politely disagree when fitting. We probe for problems and define possible solutions, and throughout the show keep with the undercurrent of education and exploration. This is not a show for NFT lovers, but its not-not a show for NFT lovers.

Don't Say NFT is for anyone interested in progress of any kind, but most of all it's for anyone curious about blockchain, it's origins and its potential future implications.

Thanks to Bankless DAO for the ongoing support.

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