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Building the Web3 Equivalent of Twitch with Unlonely

Crypto Consumer Chronicles Ep8


In this episode, Humpty speaks with Grace of Unlonely. She shares her background in art and how it influenced her career path. She talks about her journey from retail to working at Google and eventually entering the crypto space. Grace highlights the challenges of bringing non-crypto users into the space and the importance of building trust and reputation. She also discusses the current state of creator tools in the crypto space and the need for improved user experience. 

Unlonely is a platform that focuses on creating human connections through live streaming and interactive experiences. They aim to provide a cozy and authentic space on the internet where people can engage with each other in real time. The platform has gained momentum and popularity by producing shows like Love Unleveraged, a dating show that combines web3 features and reality TV. Unlonely's success is attributed to its commitment to humanizing the online experience and fostering genuine connections.

Key Takeaways

Human Connection and Authenticity

  • Prioritizes direct engagement between creators and audiences.

  • Emphasizes genuine, human-centric content creation for a more engaging experience.

Personal Journeys and Growth

  • Grace's transition from an artistic background to crypto highlights personal growth and self-discovery.

  • Emphasizes the importance of retaining information and actionable insights.

Challenges of Decentralization

  • Significant challenges in building a fair and transparent reputation system.

  • Balancing user privacy, preventing manipulation, and addressing diverse value systems.

Algorithm Concerns

  • Potential dangers of algorithms in reinforcing biases and creating echo chambers.

  • Focus on human-centric, real-time interactions rather than algorithm-driven content.

Importance of KPIs and User Engagement

  • KPIs are crucial for measuring success and guiding development.

  • Balancing rapid experimentation with careful evaluation of user engagement and demand.

Reputation in the Crypto Space

  • Building trust and reputation is a significant hurdle due to past negative narratives.

  • A nuanced approach is needed for reputation-related tools, considering benefits and concerns.

Regulatory Challenges

  • American founders face unique challenges due to regulatory uncertainties.

  • Addressing these challenges is essential for fostering innovation and growth.

Innovative Spin-Offs

  • "Love on Leverage" exemplifies commitment to integrating more human interaction and creativity.

  • Merges reality TV dynamics with the crypto community environment.

The Founders' Unexpected Journey

  • Diverse educational backgrounds and serendipitous discovery of a shared mission.

  • Importance of preparation, self-awareness, and embracing unexpected opportunities.

Call to Action

  • Invitation for listeners to sign up for "Love on Leverage" and stay updated on Unlonely’s developments.

  • Encourages active participation and engagement.

In a recent episode of Crypto Consumer Chronicles, the founders of Unlonely shared their experiences and insights while building a web3 equivalent of Twitch. This engaging conversation sheds light on the importance of human connection, reputation in the crypto space, and the challenges and rewards of creating a decentralized platform.

The Journey Begins: Unique Profiles and Personal Growth

The conversation kicks off with a light-hearted discussion about unique profile pictures, a common sight in the crypto world. Host Humpty expresses admiration for Grace's profile picture, leading to a deeper discussion about her artistic background.

Grace reveals that her profile picture is a self-portrait she painted in high school, symbolizing different facets of her personality. The narrative focuses on human development and self-discovery while acting as a metaphor for her path from art to cryptocurrency.

Grace's journey is unconventional and diverse. Initially passionate about visual arts and music, she created a fashion magazine during high school. Later, she explored a career in retail, though she disliked the corporate culture. A random job offer from Google brought her into the tech world, but it was her exposure to crypto during the DeFi summer of 2020 that truly captivated her. Throughout her journey, Grace emphasizes the importance of retaining information and transforming it into actionable insights for personal and professional growth.

Building Unlonely

The topic of constructing Unlonely gets deeper and deeper in the conversation. Humpty and Grace, the founder talk about how difficult it is to build a universal reputation system and how difficult it is to construct a decentralized platform. 

Unlonely aims to set itself apart by focusing on the human element of content creation. The platform prioritizes direct engagement between creators and their audience, fostering authentic connections. This focus on real-time, on-chain experiences offers a more engaging and human-centric alternative to existing platforms.

They highlight the importance of avoiding a one-size-fits-all approach, given the diverse value systems within the crypto community. They also express concerns about the dangers of algorithms and the loss of independent thinking, emphasizing the need for user privacy and transparent, fair algorithms.

Key Performance Indicators and User Engagement

Grace and Humpty discuss the importance of key performance indicators (KPIs) in a startup environment. They highlight the need to balance rapid experimentation with evaluating what works, focusing on user engagement and demand. They acknowledge the hurdles in building trust and reputation within the crypto industry, noting that while tools are becoming more user-friendly, overcoming past negative narratives remains a significant challenge.

Grace expresses optimism about the consumer space’s potential, suggesting that influencers with established trust and followings could help draw people to Unlonely. She also discusses the challenges American founders face due to regulatory uncertainties and stresses the importance of addressing reputation within the crypto community.

Grace expresses concerns about the potential dangers of algorithms on platforms, specifically about the consumption of content and the loss of independent thinking. She shares her personal experience of getting sucked into a particular topic and feeling like they were no longer thinking for themselves but rather just consuming content being fed to them. Humpty also touches upon the political divide and how social networks can reinforce biases and create echo chambers. 

Authentic Content and User Engagement

They touch upon the potential dangers of algorithms, particularly regarding content consumption and independent thinking. They share personal experiences of getting lost in algorithm-driven content, which can create echo chambers and reinforce biases. In contrast, Unlonely is praised for its authentic content and the genuine commitment of creators to engage directly with their audiences, a dynamic that is unique to live streaming and video content.

However, the conversation then shifts to the topic of Unlonely, a platform where Humpty praises the human and authentic nature of the content and the commitment of creators to engage directly with their audience. They share how this human connection is unique to live streaming and video content on the platform.

Humpty discusses the importance of human connection and the role of founders in shaping the identity of a platform. He expresses admiration for the human element present in Unlonely, a web3 equivalent of Twitch, and share their desire to bring more humanity to the platform as a creator

Embracing the Human Element

The founders' commitment to the human aspect of their platform is evident in their upcoming spin-off show, "Love on Leverage." 

This innovative dating show aims to help singles find love within the crypto community, merging reality TV dynamics with the unique environment of the crypto space. The founders encourage listeners to sign up and participate, reflecting their enthusiasm for integrating more humanity and interaction into their platform.

Grace discusses the rewards and creative possibilities of building a web3 equivalent of Twitch with Unlonely. She expresses excitement about the potential for streamers to engage their audiences in unique ways and the organic expansion of their network. Grace also touches upon the concept of matchmaking, which they believe is a valuable skill in various contexts, including startup pitches. She shares their experience of adapting the dating show format to startup pitches, highlighting the similarities between the two dynamics. 

They discuss the upcoming summer season of their spin-off show, Love on Leverage, which aims to help singles find love in the crypto community. The hosts encourage listeners who are single and interested in participating to sign up. Unlike the hosts' regular podcast, which follows a set number of episodes per season, "Love on Leverage" has no end date in mind and is actively recruiting guests. They share their excitement about the upcoming show and express their eagerness to get to know the participants better. They also reflect on their own backgrounds and how they came to work together on the project.

Grace and Brian’s journey into the crypto world highlights the significance of preparation, self-awareness, and serendipitous opportunities. Despite their distinct educational backgrounds—Grace in liberal arts and Brian in chemical engineering—they discovered a shared mission in Unlonely. Their collaboration highlights the diverse paths that can lead to innovation and success in the crypto space.

Stay Connected and Final Thoughts 

Grace and Brian's journey into the crypto world is a testament to the power of preparation, self-understanding, and serendipitous discoveries. Despite their different educational backgrounds—Grace in liberal arts and Brian in chemical engineering—they found a common mission in Unlonely. Their collaboration highlights the diverse paths that can lead to innovation and success in the crypto space.


The episode concludes with a call to action for listeners to sign up for "Love on Leverage" and stay tuned for more updates on Unlonely. The founders' story serves as an inspiration for anyone interested in the intersection of technology, human connection, and decentralized platforms.

Unlonely represents a new frontier in the crypto world, combining the best elements of live streaming and decentralized technology to create a platform that is both innovative and deeply human. As Grace and Brian continue to develop Unlonely, their journey reminds us of the importance of staying true to one's passions and the endless possibilities that arise when technology meets human connection.

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