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Building the Future of Loyalty Onchain with beyondClub and Checkin

Crypto Consumer Chronicles EP10

Join Humpty in this last episode of Crypto Consumer Chronicles as he speaks with Yuki and JackAlpha from beyondClub.


The conversation revolves around the topics of loyalty programs, on-chain data, community building, and the Japanese crypto scene. The guests discuss the limitations of traditional loyalty programs and the potential of on-chain loyalty programs to offer interoperability, liquidity, and reward distribution.

They highlight the importance of building communities and creating non-financial incentives for users. The guests also mention the active NFT and GameFi scenes in Japan and how Japanese companies are experimenting with NFTs and integrating them into their experiences. The conversation concludes with a discussion about the new features and games in the check-in app.

Check-In is launching property NFTs that represent physical locations to create a games layer on top of check-ins. The goal is to make check-ins sustainable and fun by applying game mechanics. Property NFT owners can earn points when others check in to their location. Check-In will airdrop 15,000-20,000 property NFTs to early users and Farcon attendees. They also plan to collaborate with different city channels for curation campaigns. The onboarding process will be easier by allowing users to sign in with Google or other sign-in methods.


In the final episode of the Crypto Consumer Chronicles podcast, hosts welcomed Yuki and Jack Alpha from beyondClub to discuss their innovative NFT-based loyalty program. beyondClub enables enterprises and creators to launch dynamic membership NFTs, fostering new ways of interaction and monetization.

With experience from Shopify and major Japanese enterprises like Japan Airlines, the team recently introduced Checkin, a location-based check-in and earn social platform. They believe combining beyondClub's enterprise onboarding approach with Checkin's focus on social interaction will create an interoperable loyalty network.

The Genesis of beyondClub and Checkin

Yuki shared his journey from working with a large Asian conglomerate to his interest in crypto and Web3, leading him to discover beyondClub. The platform aims to revolutionize loyalty programs by bringing interoperability, liquidity, and distribution of loyalty points on-chain. This allows users to maximize the value of their rewards and engage with various creators and platforms.

Yuki and Jack Alpha discuss the potential of beyondClub and Check-in to build an interoperable loyalty network in the on-chain space. beyondClub is described as a top-down approach to onboard enterprises into the network while Check-in is a bottom-up approach focused on social interaction and IL (inter-enterprise) interactions. They believe this combination of top-down and bottom-up approaches will create an interoperable loyalty network, allowing for a more interactive and interconnected system between different enterprises. 

Jack Alpha shares his background in working for a large Asian conglomerate and his interest in crypto and Web 3, leading him to discover beyondClub and eventually collaborate with Yuki. They also mention the potential of this network in the Japanese market, where the use of various loyalty programs is culturally prevalent. The Loyalty channel on Farcaster is also mentioned as a place to further discuss and explore this concept.

Humpty shares his experience of building a brand for Crypto Sapiens, which later spun out as a podcast, three years ago. They express their admiration for Bankless DAO, an organization that fosters intelligent and ambitious individuals to build projects. 

Potential in the Japanese Market

The discussion highlighted the potential of beyondClub in the Japanese market, where loyalty programs are culturally prevalent. Yuki then discusses the limitations of traditional loyalty programs, using Japan Airlines as an example. 

Yuki discusses the Japanese scene in crypto, highlighting the government's openness towards NFTs and on-chain loyalty. The Japanese government has shown interest in NFTs and blockchain technology as a potential way to revive the economy. Retail, particularly collectibles and gaming, is the most active scene in Japan for crypto. Companies like Japan Airlines have experimented with NFTs for two years, initially just distributing them but now creating richer experiences associated with the NFTs. Humpty expresses excitement about the national adoption of the technology in Japan and even considers moving there due to the significant movement happening in the Web 3 space.

Yuki is excited about beyondClub, as it aims to bring interoperability, liquidity, and distribution of loyalty points on-chain, allowing users to maximize the value of their rewards and interact with various creators and platforms. By moving loyalty points on-chain, beyondClub allows users to interact seamlessly with multiple brands and platforms, enhancing their overall experience.

Yuki discusses the limitations of current loyalty programs and their goal to help creators make a living from their contributions. Yuki and Jack also touch on the importance of on-chain data, specifically location-based data, to provide a more holistic view of users and engage with favorite brands. They emphasize the potential of on-chain data for generating valuable insights and building communities through non-financial rewards.

Community Building and Non-Financial Rewards

The discussion shifted to the importance of community building and loyalty in the context of beyondClub's rewards models.

Community building and loyalty are central to beyondClub's vision. Yuki also mentions the potential of non-financial ways to interact with customers, such as token-gated access to exclusive experiences, using the example of Casio's NFTs granting access to factory tours. They believe these types of connections can strengthen the relationship between brands and customers, creating a more engaging and loyal user base.

Jack shares an example of how beyondClub reached out to active users, dubbed "checkmates," to gather product feedback and create a small, interactive community. 

Location-Based Check-ins and Property NFTs

Checkin’s recent release of property NFTs represents a novel way to make check-ins more sustainable and fun. These NFTs will allow property owners to earn points when someone checks in at their location, creating a game-like experience similar to Monopoly but without the rent payment. beyondClub plans to airdrop about 15,000 property NFTs to early users and event attendees to encourage participation and make check-ins more engaging. The goal is to create a more engaging and enjoyable check-in experience.

Leveraging On-Chain Data

Yuki discussed the importance of on-chain data, particularly location-based data, in providing a holistic view of users and their interactions with brands. This data can generate valuable insights and help build communities through non-financial rewards. The team emphasized the potential of on-chain data for creating a more personalized and rewarding user experience.

Future Plans and Vision

The team behind beyondClub discusses their plans to build a loyalty program on the blockchain that allows users to share and curate local "hidden gems" and be rewarded for their efforts. The program aims to leverage users' curation skills and love for their cities or travels, with opportunities for voting and additional rewards. 

The team also addresses questions about the mobile experience and onboarding, explaining that they plan to expand sign-in options beyond wallets and make the process as simple as possible. Regarding the property NFTs, users can check in at existing locations through Google Maps, and the team is leveraging this API to create these digital assets.

Balancing Speculation and Sentimentality

Jack Alpha discusses the features of the platform, which combines on-chain loyalty programs with real-life locations. Users can check in at places using a Progressive Web App (PWA), and for property NFTs, they can mint locations from around the world. Check-ins earn points, and users can own property NFTs regardless of physical presence.

Jack shares his example of collecting Hailey5 locations as NFTs, balancing sentimental and speculative reasons for ownership. Checkin platform aims to blend the speculative nature of on-chain games with personal reasons for engagement, creating a unique experience for users.

Following a smooth transition, they move on to discuss the potential of combining on-chain games with real-life experiences, using Pokemon Go as an example. They aim to create a balanced experience, not just for speculative reasons, and make participation easier by offering a cheap minting fee. They suggest using NFTs to commemorate special places and dates, such as first dates or honeymoon spots. Humpty expresses his excitement about this new way to signal fandom and interact with crypto in a non-financial way.

Points System and In-Person Engagement

Implementing a points system in the crypto space offers greater flexibility in distribution and redemption, allowing users to unlock unique experiences and rewards. Brands can leverage this social graph to target power users and form potential collaborations.

Yuki discusses the benefits of implementing a points system in the crypto space, specifically for loyalty programs and check-ins. They explain that having more control over points allows for greater flexibility in distribution and redemption, as well as the ability to incentivize users to take desired actions. Additionally, they suggest that points could be used to unlock unique experiences or rewards, making them more valuable and universal. Humpty and Yuki also point out the importance of showing up in person to earn points, as it signifies a high level of engagement and commitment to a brand or ecosystem. 

Stay Connected and Final Thoughts

To stay updated on beyondClub's latest announcements and developments, viewers are encouraged to follow the organization on Twitter and check their website for updates. By combining NFT-based loyalty programs with location-based check-ins, beyondClub is poised to transform the way brands interact with their customers and create a more interconnected and rewarding ecosystem.

Jack adds that the benefits of in-person check-ins for businesses looking to experiment with on-chain technologies and loyalty programs. Also, in-person check-ins demonstrate commitment and provide valuable data for targeting power users. Yuki and Jack also emphasize the open and permissionless nature of on-chain check-ins, which they believe unlocks various use cases and makes the system more user-centric. To stay updated on the latest announcements and developments from Checkin and beyondClub, viewers are encouraged to follow the organization on Twitter and check their website for updates.

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